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tv   Week Ahead in Congress  CSPAN  February 4, 2017 7:58am-8:01am EST

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support strong public schools and true education opportunities and i am proud to stand up and fight back against betsy devos. i yield the floor. i suggest the absence of a quorum. >> a final confirmation vote for betsy devos on tuesday. next week we will the confirmation vote for attorney general, health and human services secretary and treasury secretary, for more details we talked to education reporter. >> federal policies for education week, what is the status of the betsy devos nomination in the senate? >> there was a vote to move her nomination to a final vote in
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the senate next tuesday. that vote went 52-48 so that is along party lines. we expect a final decision on her nomination early next week. >> sound like two senators are going to be voting against her, lisa murkowski of alaska and susan collins of maine. are you expecting any other senators to vote across party lines? what are you hearing about the likely outcome of the nomination? >> we have been checking with senate republicans. so far since collins and murkowski made those announcements know what a republican senator has come out against betsy devos. if the vote count holds right now it would be 50/50. that means mike pence would hold the tie-breaking vote which means betsy devos would be confirmed as education secretary. >> you cover federal policy for education week, you can follow him added, it is
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twitter handle politics. thanks so much. >> you can watch the senate debate on the betsy devos nomination along with tuesday's confirmation vote live on c-span2. ..


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